Not Tag Operator?

Is there anyway to create a custom perspective which has a not operator? For example I want a rule to show all items which have the tag “purchased” but not the “received” tag.

Thanks in advance, Scott

Sure, try this:


Thanks that worked. Not very intuitive but at least there’s a solution. I wish OmniFocus has a filter language like Todoist.

How does that look like?
Just curious because I find the above very logic/intuitive.

For about a couple months I cheated on OmniFocus. With Todoist you can write queries in a database like query syntax: “@purchased & !@received”. Maybe its the developer in me.

My only issue with OmniFocus right now is not having OmniFocus 3 on the Mac. I guess good things come to those who wait.

I suspected that.

Omni’s choice is, IMHO, much better as it gives all flexibility while hiding a good part of the complexity.

Side note: the developer in me would not mind even if rules were written in regex, or any sort of notation but… most importantly is that the featurew is there.

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I will say it would be nice if at some point negative conditions didn’t require two rules. It can be a bit tedious to setup, and I’ve seen the indentation requirements throw people off.

Something like

  • each line having an ‘&’
  • swipe left to disable the rule
  • swipe right to make it a ‘!’ (or ‘but not:’)
  • 3D-touch to open a menu with ‘|’ (or)? :-)
  • adding multiple lines of same type would group/indent them

Yes a simple not operator in the UI would go along way.