Notes: Are There Limitations?

Please would someone tell me if there are any limitations to Notes in OmniFocus 2? I’m thinking of length and formatting. Some of my projects attract long and complex notes and as a new user of OmniFocus I would appreciate reassurance that the Notes facility is powerful. Thanks.

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I found many limitations with OO4.1.4

  • a large OO would start sluggishly
  • no navigation with back button
  • Undo command is not satisfactory since it does not tell what it has undone
  • searching command returns a complicate list
  • you cannot easily see your position in a large OO
  • the templates are just a few and I cannot see which template I have applied
  • the formatting with the styles is not easy
  • Help documenation too wordy; no search field either
  • Support is slow, may take weeks or never get response (mail)
  • does not open where I left
  • no partial expansion. Only fully expanded or fully collapsed is possible
    Well… that is enough for now
    I do not know other outliners so I cannot compare, but this one is not to my liking

@yagonen, you surely posted in the wrong forum, didn’t you?

The notes field in OF is quite resourceful and I have not yet encountered a limitation to size or type of entry- I myself am using the notes field to preformat / brainstorm for projects and longer emails, you can also attach Photos and recordings etc.

The big “but” is always syncing speed, which will suffer the more rich media is in Your database… Therefore I am keeping it to text at most times , where I have yet to encounter any limitations.

Hope that helps

I did not investigate OF but only OO
Does OF have a navigation with back button or undo that informs on what is undone etc ?

Your observations concerning OO are correct and you could contribute to make the app better for all of us by sending these as a request via email and maybe post it in the Omni Outliner section. Since, however this question is posted in the “OmniFocus for Mac” section, it is not improving matters for anyone around.

Check out the Omni Outliner thread, please!

To answer Your question:

  • OF does undo (unlike Things, interestingly) but is not showing you what it is actually removing (but you can trust it to remove the very last thing you did, be it delete anything or type a letter), just as you’re used to it from any other undo command.

  • The back button is either deleting a letter or, if a task or project is marked, the whole item, without warning. But then again, that’s what the undo button is there for in the first place ;-)