Notes in Project, Messaging, etc

I’m new here but have been using OmniFocus for Mac and my devices for quite some time, basically for our Driver Education Program. Each student is a Project and their 10 driving lessons are Actions. I have just found where I can create a note to enter their cell phone for Messaging. After syncing to my iPhone, I see no note and can’t even see where I can create on on the iPhone. I know there is the option to create a note in the Action but that’s not where I need it. I know that I received an email that the OmniSync Server is under maintenance these next few days so maybe that’s why the Note isn’t syncing? I kind of doubt that. Also, is there any way of tapping on a cell phone number in a Note and having it take me right over to Messages for sending a text? That might be stretching it, but hey, we’ve got technology today. Any way to make that work?

Hi there!

Project notes should sync between devices. To view a project’s note in OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, with the project editor open you should see 3 tabs: Info, Note, and Attachments—tap Note to view the contents of the note field. If that’s not working for you there may be something else going on. If that’s the case, could you email us at so we can investigate further with you?

At the moment it’s not possible to tap a telephone number within OmniFocus to make a phone call or send a text message, however we do have an open request on file for that ability and I’ve added your comments. Hopefully we’ll be able to include that in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for letting us know it’d be useful for you!

Hope this helps!

Strange, but, when tapping on an action, I don’t see any such tabs. I have a folder of 400 students in my Projects and when tapping on the “Students” folder, all the students appear. When tapping on each student, 10 Actions appear (10 lessons). But, when tapping on the Student, my pdf attachment that I embedded on the Mac side did not sync over. Nevertheless, I do not see these 3 Tabs you’re speaking of in my Students.

If each student is a project, when you tap on a student and see the list of actions, tap on the student again at the top of that list to open the project editor. That’s where you should see those tabs.

Nothing happens when I tap on the student at the top. To the left of the name is “Students” and to the right is “Edit.” At the bottom is the button bar- from left to right- Home, View Options, Sync, New Inbox Item and New Action (Plus). My setup must be different. Hmmm.

I opened OmniFocus on my iPad and I see the tabs there for Notes, Attachments, etc. not so with the iPhone. What am I missing?
Also, I noticed that my version of OmniFocus on my iPhone is 1.16.2 from July, 2013. Maybe this is the issue. If so, I wonder why it’s never been updated through iTunes. My iPad version is 1.6.5 of Sept, 2013.

That was it. I upgraded to OF 2 for iPhone and all is well. Unfortunately, it’s asking quite a bit to pay even more for an iPad version. Ouch.