Notes not immediately visible after upgrading to High Sierra

Love OF! Am using 2.11.2.

I upgraded from 10.12.6 to High Sierra (10.13.1) last week; no probs whatsoever.

Except that I noticed - after four or five days consistent use - that I can no longer see the Notes I have bottom right of an OF item when I single click in that item’s space in the main window, as is the expected behaviour.

Clicking away to another task and clicking back (and sometimes double-clicking on the item which has the invisible Notes) does force them to appear.

Is this a known bug, please?


Sorry for the trouble! When you say “bottom right”, are you referring to the “Note” section of the Inspector pane at the right edge of the window?

As long as that section of the inspector pane is expanded - the little triangle to the left of the word “Note” is pointing down - any notes or attachments should still become visible when you select an item in the main content outline.

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Hello, Brian - Yes; sorry for not being clear.

I just double-checked: the disclosure arrow is indeed down. But unless I click away from the item and return to it, no Notes are visible… they’re mostly URLs I’ve pasted there.

The contents of the Inspector’s Note section usually returns after a couple of clicks on the item. Until then it’s blank.

New behaviour in 10.13.1

Thanks for logging as a bug?

Though it sounds like Brian hasn’t seen it (I haven’t seen it on my machine either), you’re not the first to report this problem on High Sierra. I’ve added your note to the entry that’s open in our development database.


@Dave & @Brian — I’ve run into this bug as well since upgrading to High Sierra. I’ve already been in touch with support and am happy to provide additional information, if needed. In some cases, the top portion of the note is cut off in both the inline notes field and in the inspector notes field.

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Thanks, Brian, Dave and Tim!

I’ve only seen it in the Inspector Notes field. But it is reliably reproducible.

Good luck with the fix… :-)

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