Notes on reoccurring tasks are lost

A few times now I’ve looked at the notes of a reoccurring task and been surprised to see they are out of date (knowing that I updated the notes at one point).

I finally took a minute to figure this out (and it’s pretty obvious) - if you complete a reoccurring task before updating the notes, the new notes are not copied to the newly created future task.

If you aren’t aware of this, it’s easy to make perform these tasks in the wrong order. For example, I have a task to clean my pool filter. After cleaning it, in the notes section I jot down the current date, and the pressure readings so I have them for next time. I do this after completing the task - so first checking the task as completed, then updating the notes on the task never struck me as incorrect.

When a reoccurring task is complete, have a warning/tip somewhere that indicates that changes to this task will not be reflected in future occurrences. Even better: A link to the future occurrence.

Another idea (which could be done in combination with the above) is to wait a couple minutes before creating the reoccurring task after the task is marked completed. This would give me the time to update the note (or any other changes). It also gives the user time to Undo the completion. If you’ve ever marked a reoccurring task as completed you know that when you uncheck the task the future reoccurrence is not removed.

Just some thoughts,

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