Notification to open tags at certain times

I keep a running list of meeting topics in a tag for that specific weekly meeting. Sometimes I forget to open the app and find the tag. Is it possible to have shortcuts send me a reoccurring notification that would allow me to tap, open the app, and take me to that tag?

Or, is there a better way to go about accomplishing this same thing?


There are a few ways you could go about this.

Probably the simplest is just to have the tag open in OmniFocus and then say ”Hey Siri remind me about this" (assuming you have Hey Siri enabled). This will create an entry in the Reminders app that you can then customise with an appropriate title, alarm time and repeat schedule.

The only downside to this method is that you have to tap once on the notification and then a second time on the OmniFocus icon in the reminder to open the tag in OmniFocus.

If you want something that will work with a single tap the I’d suggest an app called Pushcut.

This is a bit more complicated to set up, but easier to use every time you have the meeting.

First you’ll need to get the OmniFocus URL for the tag. I’ve shared a shortcut below that should allow you to select a tag and copy the URL to the clipboard.

Get URL Of OF Tag

Next you’ll need to set up a notification in Pushcut with a default action to open this URL.

Finally set up a local trigger in Pushcut to generate the notification at the time of the meeting.


If the meeting is held every week on the same day at the same time, it’s easy to set up in iOS Shortcuts in the ‘Automation’ tab. Create a trigger for the weekday and time, then select the shortcut action. If you’ve just navigated to the ‘meeting’ tag in OmniFocus, it should create a Siri shortcut for that which will be visible in the list of available actions for the OmniFocus app inside Shortcuts. When it triggers, it will be one tap on the notification.

For much more powerful triggers, the good Pushcut solution detailed above by @RogerDowning.

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Interested in how you made this work so that it only required a single tap ?

Whenever I’ve tried these automations they require you to tap once on the notification and then a second time to run the action.

Hence I didn’t suggest it as there didn’t seem any real advantage over the Reminders based approach and I haven’t found the automation notifications to be as reliable.

You’re right, I hadn’t realised it is two taps. Both taps can be done anywhere on the notification itself (reveal, then ‘run’ the shortcut action). OF opens directly and the notification is gone.

I prefer that to the situation with Reminders: after the first tap you either a) tap on the title and the Reminders app takes over the screen and then you need to tap in a specific place (the OF icon on the reminder item), or b) you have to tap specifically on the OF icon in the expanded notification. In both cases you still need to go back to the reminder to mark it done! Feels like much too much effort to me :)

you could add the OF tag URL to the meeting note, and then just tap it when you get the reminder right before the meeting? Set the reminder to any period you prefer, and the tag URL will always be one tap away.

Hey guys. All of these are very helpful and I’m eager to try them. Thanks so much.

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