Now Apple are making it much easier for developers to create Mac versions of their IOS apps are future versions of OF still going to be multiple payment across all apps or just one app purchase buys across all platforms?

Just curious about this. As I love OF but it’s getting a little expensive and frustrating to keep paying for the Pro Version on both IOS and Mac OS when the pro feaures are the same as the pro features in OF2, or did I miss something?


Considering the fact that the iOS version doesn’t have feature parity with the macOS version I doubt things will change for now. I think it will happen in the future because it seems like macOS is going to move towards the iPad alongside iPadOS, it is Apple’s implementation of Microsofts Windows Continuum and Samsungs Dex (in other words: there is not going to be a ARM Mac).

There has been a previous discussion on this forum about Marzipan. This developer feature is now called catalyst and it helps to port iOS apps to MacOS to get more apps on the Mac App Store. It is a one off exercise after which the developer has to maintain both versions. Since Omni started out with Mac software it doesn’t really apply here and the intention was never to have both versions look identical or help the consumer by making the developer only ask to charge for one App.

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