"Now" vs "Today" Perspective

Hello all,

I use defer dates and times for repeating meta tasks like “Process: Morning Communications”(repeat daily @10am) and “Process: Afternoon Communications” (repeat daily @3pm) and “Process: Workday Shutdown” (repeat daily @4pm). They are tagged with a “Today” tag and I have created a typical Today perspective (available and due soon, flagged, tagged:today).

But I would like two “Today” perspectives. One to show what is actually available right now and another to show what is and will be available today.

The second perspective is mainly for start of day planning: what are all items that will be on my plate today. The first perspective is for opening throughout the day to see what is active at this moment.

Is there currently a way to do this? I’ve tried a “Today” showing Remaining rather than Available and sorted by defer date, but this is clumsy. It would be nice to be able to specify Available:When in the perspective creator.


I have a TODAY tag and a perspective that shows me things tagged with the TODAY tag.

I also have a MAYBE perspective that shows me candidates for adding the TODAY tag to. It shows all available tasks EXCEPT those that already have the TODAY tag.

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