Nudging Shape Points

In previous versions of OmniGraffle I was able to click on a shape (bezier) point and use the arrow keys to nudge it around.

In the current version (OmniGraffle Pro 7.0.3) nudging while the Point Editor tool is selected nudges the entire object. Is there a trick to it? I’ve tried various modifier keys, just in case, but no luck.

Did you get solution for this?

Sadly, no. I’m still selecting single points and then typing +/- values in the inspector.

It’s a total pain. I wish someone at Omni responded, at least that they know what I mean and they don’t have plans to change it. Or something.


Sorry we missed your post earlier but being able to nudge specific points of a Bézier shape is supposed to be a feature OmniGraffle supports. It actually works in OmniGraffle 7.5 but broke in OmniGraffle 7.6 (though 7.5 had a different bug that made it difficult to see that points were selected which was fixed in 7.6). We have a fix implemented internally for nudging and our test team is verifying it. Our pubic test builds will be the first to get the fix so feel free to download join our public test by downloading a build from here and you’ll get an automatic update when newer test versions are available.

Short story: we should have a fix for you soon.

Sorry for the trouble,

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