Numbers in both Forecast and Inbox are Mismatched

Notice the discrepancy in numbers (where they should be the same)… even after multiple syncs.

Anyone else having the issue? Doesn’t seem to be present on iPhone.

See attached shots.

I haven’t used the forums much–anyone can feel free to suggest I contact support, but I wanted to check in here to see if others had an issue, or if there was some settings fix or something that would make it go away. I suspect it’s on the app’s end, though.

It is very likely that Your tasks simply are hidden due to your display settings- click on the eye in the upper left and try to set it to “remaining”. Your tasks should appear thereafter.

Nice screenshots by the way


I know from experience that in 9 out of 10 times the error sits in front of that darn Computer ;-)

Thanks for the reply–my tasks are set to remaining already, so I’m still unsure why I was seeing the discrepancy in counting.

that is… Unexpected… Did you perchance try to put it on All, just to understand more of that weird numbers, then? Now I am curious…

Apologies for the smugness up front.

No need to apologize, but thanks.

This issue went away the next time I checked. No idea what made the difference, since I had already done a sync (a couple times) before posting.

Notice, too, how there are three mismatched numbers in my Forecast in the screenshot: the total number in the sidebar (0), the individual numbers for Today, Tue, Wed, etc. (which add up to much more than zero), and the number of tasks actually showing in the Forecast view for Thursday (which is more than the 4 in the sidebar).

You are right both times- this is uncomfortable, to use the euphemism… Omni will have some food for thought here…

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