OF 2 issues that make it seem less efficient than OF 1

I am frustrated by some things in OF 2 that seem just to get in the way of efficient use compared to OF 1. Yes, the lower data density is high on my list here, as is the issue of using right-side checkboxes instead of left-side checkboxes. Here are some other small annoyances that become big headaches with continual use:

  • The View Options blocks the center of the main window, takes up extensive space, and has text information that might befit a user’s manual.

  • The Forecast view shows ALL dates, even ones with no items.

  • The Sidebar cannot be collapsed to show just the left-most Perspective tab, it shows either everything or nothing.

  • The Perspectives menu shows ALL Perspectives, even ones that I have no interest in using.

  • Perspectives no longer remember their own window size and position, all are generic to the last-used.

Add to this that archiving still allows no project-level control (i.e. Archive Completed Projects), and some days I really have to wonder why I bothered to upgrade.

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Re: forecast–if you’re referring to the calendar in the sidebar, well…I NEED the forecast mode to show all dates. Ideally, it’d show the next 3 months.

If you’re referring to the main section, it should only show the days if there’s an action for the day, and/or if you have calendar events showing and there is a calendar event for the day.

I don’t mind the Calendar. I did find that I had to check “Show only one week in sidebar” in the preference settings for the Perspective. I would wish for example this preference set to include “Only show days with active tasks in sidebar” as an option.