OF 2 Mac & iPhone workflow sorting by project stakeholders

I am wondering if someone could offer some advise here.
I have been used to using tags in Things because I could then use it as keeping track of projects and tasks (with a tag for each colleague), so I’m always on top of who’s doing what.
I was trying to do the same in OF 2 (Mac & iPhone) by adding colleagues initials in the note field and create perspectives. But then these are still not synced to my iPhone. And creating a context for each colleague would not work since mostly more than one colleague is involved.
Has anyone come up with a good solution to anything like this? Thanks for any input!!

Perspectives based on Search sync across devices, yes. You might want to check this other thread in the forum.

In my case, I only rely on search for similar cases. Maybe you could create perspectives for the most used cases and rely on search for the rest?

My two cents ;)

Happy to help! Notes should be synced across to your iPhone - if you’re not seeing them in the “Note” tab when examining a given item, send email to omnifocus-iphone@omnigroup.com and we’d love to investigate!

A couple other suggestions that may help:
Make use of context hierarchies. For example, I have contexts for all the people that work at Omni, grouped by what portions of the company they work in. If I have a question that any member of the UX team could answer, the action for that question goes in the “UX” context. (Only questions that specific people need to answer are assigned directly to their context, in other words.)

Similarly, action hierarchies can be helpful. If there’s a decision that three people need to weigh in on, I create an action group for that decision, with three “talk to about ” actions that must be completed before the decision can. That lets me track my progress more closely than one action which really represents a couple different things I need to do.

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Hi both,

Thank you very much for your responses!
@Brian: Thank you very much! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. This of course works sweet! It IS very rare that a task is shared between two colleagues (mostly because I haven’t devided them into sub-tasks then). Thank you very much! (And notes are syncing fine).

Kind regards,