OF 3.1.2 on Mojave reproducibly crashes

First, yes, I have filed more than one crash report. I haven’t heard anything, and this has made OF almost unusable, so I’m pleading here too.

When I’m in the Projects perspective, clicking on the “Projects” sidebar icon crashes OF 100% of the time. I like to do this click because it clears selections and resets the perspective to its default state.

“Just live without that for now,” you say. I agree. But this morning I discovered that just clicking on a project name is enough to cause the same crash. Not every project name, but a subset. So now I can’t view all my projects.

OmniGroup, please help. I’m happy to roll back to 3.1.1 but I can’t find a download.

Top of stack trace below.


[edited to remove stack trace that was also submitted via email]

Hey @jonmcauliffe! I’m sorry to hear about this frequent crash — I know these things can be really frustrating.

This particular trace looks similar to a bug that we’re tracking internally and have a potential fix for. We haven’t gotten this fix through testing and out to the world yet, though, so please hold tight — hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon.

We generally don’t respond to each individual crash report, but in the future if you’d like updates on a crash (because it’s very frequent for you, or particularly problematic to your workflow), feel free to write in separately to the support team. We’re a little behind on emails right now in the wake of the OmniFocus 3 release, but we’ll get you more info as soon as we can!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Should I roll back to 3.1.1 or is the fix imminent? (I basically can’t work without OF; congratulations.) If I should roll back, how do I get a 3.1.1 dmg?

Hi @jonmcauliffe , I’m really sorry about this!

There’s no release note for the fix, but we think the crash you reported is fixed in the latest test build here:


We’d love to get confirmation from you of that fix if you have a moment to grab the build.


Fixes it! Thanks!


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