OF 3.12 Why is there a Search View?

OF 3: Why is there a Search Sidebar Item? When I do a search I would like my term found only in My Projects list and then be able to click on the item found in the middle panel to go or edit or then select the item in the specific Projects folder to the left. I see no reason for the switch to a Search View. Thx

Also the Search View explodes all folders and sub folders - what use is that? Now I have to see all that other stuff that wasn’t what I was searching on.

The search item in the sidebar only appears in 2 cases. If you use the search bar at the top of the screen and select either “Search Remaining” or “Search Everything”. As those would search outside the selected area, it makes sense for a search results sidebar. If you choose “Search Here”, the sidebar search won’t open, rather you’d see a filtered view of whatever was selected.

thanks for the awesome information.

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