OF 3: Duplication of projects?

I have a couple of templates I simply store as a used project. If needed I duplicate them and set the new one on active. In OF 2 for iOS it was not possible to do duplications … only in OF2 for Mac. Is it now possible to do this in OF 3 on iOS?

Any one knows?

It’s possible but can produce some unexpected output, too.

  • tap and hold on the project to duplicate
  • select ‘copy’ from the contextual menu that pops up
  • go to the folder where you want to paste the project
  • tap and hold on a project or action and select ‘paste’ from the contextual menu

The project should then appear in the list, but there will also be an extra action item where you pasted that is titled with an ‘omnifocus:///‘ URL. You can delete this extra action.

Unfortunately, you can’t paste into a folder, so you’ll have to have something else in there for this to work.

Alas, this doesn’t work for me. When I’m on the project name in the left-hand menu, a long press doesn’t reveal a context-based menu; I can swipe left and my options are: review, due today, due tomorrow or defer to tomorrow. When I click on the name in the middle column, the context menu shows up with a long press, but my options are only: go to project, review, new action.
For future tweaks, it would be great to be able to customize swipes. And of course an easy way to duplicate a project would be welcome, which is what brought me here in the first place.

Another way to duplicate projects, if starting from a template, is to store the information in TaskPaper format (in Notes, or another text-storing app), and then copying and pasting that in to OmniFocus (also note that @tags() is now honoured alongside @context).

Another option, if you don;t need to duplicate a specific project as a one of.


What @nostodnayr says is close to what works for me.

  1. Select the project template header as if you are moving the project.
  2. Click on share icon on bottom right of screen.
  3. Select copy.
  4. In the folder you want to copy the project into, create a new dummy project.
  5. Focus (open) on the dummy project called duplication tool (or whatever you want to call the temp project)
  6. Long hold the top line of the focused dummy project (not an action line) and it should give you the option to Paste when you let go.
  7. This will insert a link to the project as an action line, but that is just a side effect of the process and can be ignored.
  8. Hit back and a full duplicate of the template should now be available in your folder.
  9. You can delete the dummy project, or keep for further template duplications, whatever your preference

I was able to repeat this process several times on my iPhone to create duplicate month-end closes for work.


It seems like a pretty major oversight that you cannot do this on IOS. For all the features that we have that seems like a pretty basic one.