OF & Fantastical: discrepancy

Hi, I couldn’t find any topic on this but perhaps the following is a known bug?

  1. Create entry in Fantastical
  2. It displays in Forecast view in OF
  3. Delete the entry in Fantastical
  4. The Forecast view does not update even after numerous synching.

Any suggestions to address please?



I"ll have to guess that OmniFocus will update at certain intervals. It might be anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour. If OmniFocus started pinging the calendar database every minute, that might put a CPU load and/or battery drain on a computer.

Did you try quitting OF and opening it up again? Maybe that will reset it? I’m on the road with my iPhone so I’m not at the office Mac.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried quitting OF but on reopening the entry remains. It’s understandable that the updates are not realtime and I can live with a delay. While it would be good to have such revisions reflected It’s not a big issue, just would like to understand what to expect.

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Is it changed if you look in the native Calendar app?

Is it changed if you look in the native Calendar app?

That’s my question, too. It could be a Calendar bug, not an OmniFocus bug.

Hi - The event ‘Studio’ deleted from Fantastical also gone in Google Calendar, but still remains in Calendar. I can no longer verify in OF as yesterday is no longer visible in Forecast. I doubt this is OF related, rather this is something to do with how my calendar accounts are synching. See screen gabs…

I’ll look out for any future anomalies and revert if I think it’s relevant.
Thanks for inputs…


I always keep apple calendar open whilst using Fantastical. It seems to update OF from the stock cal app rather than 3rd party apps.

The screenshot shows that it will update manually. Perhaps changing it to something like every 5 minutes would be better. I think iCloud can push changes much more quickly than a Google calendar. Maybe Apple Calendar does it automatically instead of polling the Google calendars every 5 minutes to 1 hour?

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Thanks guys, I’ll try these suggestions.

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Aha! Google does have a push selection…

Change your refresh from manually to “Push”. That should work?

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