OF hypocritical about contexts?

Many of the things I’ve read about OF not allowing multiple contexts have mentioned how OF and some users don’t believe you need them. Maybe this is true. But if OF believes this, why would they then post about how Polina Burkhart tailors contexts to help her prioritize? I’m a fan of her method, but OF must realize that it greatly limits the usefulness of contexts. It’s a bit frustrating that OF would see the logic in her approach, and continue to neglect integrating multiple contexts.

Multiple contexts, or something similar, will be implemented in OF, as Ken Case explains in a post from last year in the old forums:


Here is a quote from that post:

Our thinking has evolved on this over the years, and we do plan to add support for creating arbitrary lists of tasks which cut across projects and contexts.

Let’s just hope that it will happen soon.

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Implementing multiple contexts is not as simple as just adding a button. Omni is probably still experimenting with different user interfaces to make sure it makes sense.

It took some time before we were able to get customizable columns and it was worth the wait. Multiple contexts will probably take some time too.