OF on IPad and iMac sync

I have upgrade on iMac from OF2 to OF3.
Must I upgrade on iPad from OF2 to OF3 to sync the database?
What‘s better in OF3 as in OF2 for iPad?


I think you can sync the db from OF3 to OF2, as OF2’s database was upgraded to the new format some months ago.

But I’m curious why you wouldn’t upgrade to OF 3 on the iPad as well?
Not having tags and related perspective options will make it more difficult to get the same productivity out of it.

Thanks for feedback.
I have on iMac and iPad the Standard Version.
Now I have on iMac OF3.
Now I have on iPad OF2.
It works well.
I see on iPad also the tags.
I don’t see amazing things in Pro.
I don’t see amazing things in OF3 for iPad.
It would be good there are a table with different things in OF3/ OF2/ Pro.
Do You know where I can find a table in www?


I find using OF3 on both platforms makes my life easier, I can see tags on OF2 for iOS, but I can only use 1 per action, not add more. Also perspectives will be strange on iOS when you have them set up in the new way.

I can understand not upgrading if it is only used for viewing though.

You could look here for some differences between the versions:

or here:


(last one discusses using with OF for iOS and 2 for Mac, but same principle applies)

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Thanks for feedback.
I will read the article.
I may reconsider my decisions.


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