OF Watch Complication Does Not Update, Functionality Minimal in OF 2.20 or 2.20.1

Similar to, but not the same signature as Apple watch app gone after 2.20 update :

Prior to updating OmniFocus 2 on my iPhone 7 Plus to 2.20.1, I had actually knocked off all of my tasks for that day. Despite the fact that two days have rolled over since then, and even after an update of the IOS app to 2.20.1, the complication is still at 0. I have opened the app on the Watch multiple times, and the information inside the watchOS app works just fine.

Full setup:
Phone: iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB, 214+ GB free), Model NN632LL/A, Firmware 1.91.00
iOS: 10.3.3 (14G60)
Carrier: Verizon 28.4
Watch: Series 0, MJ3T2LL/A
watchOS: 3.2.3