OF1 - How to select a project in the sidebar via scripting?

I’m using a modified version of Chris Suave’s templates script and I want to “reveal” the newly created project. I’d rather not use focus because I want to see the project within the context of the other folder items. And, preferably by selecting the project in the sidebar (in the event the project is a sub-project of another project and needs to be drag-and-dropped) rather than just the content window.

Is this even possible?

I feel like I had a previous templates script that did this but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the original code was or where it came from. It was possibly just revealing the project in the content window via URI but I can’t find any reference to that either.

Can I get a “Not possible, stop looking” or a “It’s easy, here ya go” from the hive mind?