OF2 for iPad, Background Refresh, and Badge Count

After watching closely for a week now, and after opening and closing OF2 for iPad (and iPhone for comparison) many times per day so as to “train” the background refresh process, I have come to the conclusion that the badge count for OF2 on the iPad never updates based on changes gathered by the background refresh. On the iPhone, the badge count does change based on the background refresh, but on the iPad? Nope.

Is anyone else seeing this? It always appears that background refresh isn’t working, but when I open OF2 on the iPad, it’s clear that the background refresh has happened because the action counts for flagged and forecast are updated and current.

Yes, I’m familiar with how background refresh works, and yes, background refresh is enabled. Again, the exact same setup works as expected on the iPhone, but not on the iPad. Perhaps this is a known issue and I just missed the info somewhere in some release notes.

So… Anyone else notice this behavior?


Yes, I’m experiencing the same problem but with both the iPad and iPhone versions. The badge will only update once I go into the app and it refreshes (usually a couple of seconds). Frustrating to the point of me testing other apps such as todoist, which has amazing sync, yet is not as functional as Omnifocus.

Same here…the background sync simply doesn’t work. I only started using both iOS- apps recently and can’t recall any other platform that caused me so much trouble with syncing. I hope they’ll be able to provide a fix as soon as possible because at the current state, Omnifocus is pretty unusable to me :-/