OF2 incorrectly shows projects as reviewed

I am trying to do my review, but the window just says “All Projects Reviewed”. That can’t be true, because I haven’t done a review for a week! This has happened a couple of times now where I have tried to do my weekly project review and the Review action shows no projects as needing reviewing. How do I fix this? Can I reset my reviews? Also, can I set them up to be reviewed more often than weekly?

Perhaps you are such a GTD ninja your projects review themselves!

All I can think of is that the Review perspective makes it so easy to review projects as you work through your database that, like me, you might have reviewed projects before an actual “Review.”

In any event, resetting the review date is easy. Go to the Project perspective (default ⌘2), then select all projects with ^A. (It doesn’t matter if you grab some folders as well.) Then, open the Inspector panel if it isn’t already open.

Look at the bottom right of that panel and either type or hit the calendar to set the review to your next desired review date. Hit enter or tab out of that box and you should be good to go.

Changing the review frequency of a project is just as easy. In the Inspector panel, Type a number into the first box next to Review Every. Then choose the units from the drop-down right next to it. You can set some projects to review every couple of months, or some to even require review every day. It’s up to you and the need of keeping that project reviewed enough to get it off your mind.


Thanks for the tip - it was exactly what I was looking for.