OF2 is freezing a lot, several beach balls and "Saving to OF Cache" are driving me crazy!


I am having a problem with OF2 that started 2weeks ago and even after formatting my Mac seemed not solve the issue.

Beach balls are all over now: when checking off a task, when creating a new project or tasks, while expanding and collapsing folders, you name it. Now I am also having a beach ball and “saving to omnifocus cache” combined!!! When beach balls stops the cache message appears and takes from 30s to 2min to disapear.

I am using only OF2 on the Mac and no other app is open but I am still having the same issues.

Any idea of the problem and how to fix this?

I’m sorry you’re seeing poor performance here! This definitely doesn’t seem like how OmniFocus should behave.

One of the best ways to diagnose a sluggish app is by taking a sample and sending it in to our support team, so they can see what’s happening with OmniFocus during these beach balls and cache saves. You can find some instructions on taking a sample here. Once you have the sample file, please write in to support and let them know what you’re seeing. Hope that helps!