OF2 is hanging, not responding

Been using OF2 for some time, no problem. Today is started to go sluggish, taking time to do stuff. Then all of a sudden just hangs, beachball. I forced quit, now it wont restart. There is a spinning icon with “Opening Omnifocus Document”, but that goes and OF doesnt open. CPU is to the roof.

I thought it may be one task I have that contains a really long email thread. OF on the iPhone took ages to open this task. I managed to delete the task on the phone and sync, but how to gain access to OF2 on the Mac to do the same?

Is there a safe mode for OF2?


I left it run for a while, like 10 minutes and its opened now. I deleted the task I suspected caused the issue, and now its working fine! Could be a coincidence and was doing something else (because the task has been in there for a few days!). Eitherway, should be OK now.