OF2 Mac, OF3 iOS + today


Actually, I´m using OF2 to Mac and OF3 to iOS. I put a label “Today” in forecast to OF3 but in Mac (OF 2) I can´t to create a perspective with only label “Today” because when I configure the perspective, I can´t to select a label :(

How can you use OF3 and OF2 with label Today?
How can I configure a perspective “Today” in OF2 like OF3?

Thank you! a greetings!

OmniFocus 2 can only understand the first tag listed in OmniFocus 3. If your ‘today’ tag is second or third, you can’t use it in perspectives on OmniFocus 2.

Until OmniFocus 3 is available on Mac, you should put the ‘today’ tag first. In the tag picker on iOS, you can drag the tags to rearrange.


ok friend!
But, when I use OF2, how can I to create a perspective called Today with only label “Today”?
Or only can I to see label “Today” although Contexts => Today?


Yes, that’s right. They’re called tags (labels) in OmniFocus 3, but contexts in OmniFocus 2. 😊

You can’t really do what you want right now. There is no way on OF 2 for macOS to do a “items that are due, or tagged with ‘Today’”). I’ve complained about this, because I think it really demonstrates a real workflow issue.

I gave up on using the “special” tag in OF3 for iOS for now, because I mostly use the Mac version. Instead, I still use flags and I have a perspective that is “Due or Flagged” and call it “Today” and it shows what I want.

Good points all the way around. This is a temporary pain point until the Mac version comes out in the fall.
I have put aside my mac version in the meantime.

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I think I’m going to just not create perspectives in the Mac version. Maybe I’ll tag in iOS as well.