OF2 Mailbox Clipper - Clipotron clipping on a single message

The mailbox clipper in OF2 works for email messages that are in a Message Viewer. However, if invoked if you’re actually reading a single message, it doesn’t work at all. I want to change that.

In OF2 with the Clip-o-Tron-Installer, is clipotron a binary or is it applescript? If the latter, where do I find it? I see in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles that there is a OmniMailMessage*.bundle in there, but it looks to be all object code. Does it invoke Applescript somewhere that I can modify?

The script is MailAction.applescript inside of the OmniFocus app itself. I cannot recommend editing that or any other contents of the app, as it will invalidate the app signature and potentially lead to other problems. However, you could potentially copy this script and use it as a starting point for writing your own script for copying messages from Mail to OmniFocus.

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Thanks for your fast reply and info.

On the other hand, has there been consideration as to modifying the supplied script in a future release so that it picks up the current email message when that is topmost in the Mail app? I know that AppleScript can grab the Message-Id of the current message, even when not viewing in a message viewer.

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