OF2 [OSX] Not remembering open/closed states of nested tasks

The situation occurs is where you have tasks inside tasks (nested tasks - like an outliner).

If I close these nested tasks (close the triangle), then go to another perspective and come back, the nested tasks always revert to open.

In OF1 it remembers the open or closed state of such tasks, the same way it remembers the open or closed state of Projects.

Does anyone concur? i unzipped OmniFocus 1 to test and switched between perspectives and it remembers the open or closed state.

(I have emailed this to omni also)

Yes, the behavior is as you note in OF2 versus OF1.

It would seem that we are missing the “take snapshot of perspective” function from OF1. That was a great way to great the latest tweaks to the layout of any perspective.

I assume that the design philosophy of OF2 is that it is meant to remember all tweaks automatically now, but it seems that is isn’t doing so in all cases.

Yes, this feature from OF1 is not in OF2.

Perhaps you are right … it is a bug. Or perhaps it is just a missing feature waiting to be reintroduced. Or perhaps it is a purposed redesign that will never change back (until it actually does). In this regard, I recently stopped assuming things (out loud) about the design philosophy in parts of OF2 compared to OF1. It only made my head hurt (and it got me in trouble on these forums). (oops!) In this same line of reasoning, your best course may be to take up the question with Omnigroup.