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In OmniFocus 2, PDF and image attachments were displayed as linked filenames. Since upgrading to OmniFocus 3, they are displayed inline. Is there any way to change this back to showing filenames?

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Same behaviour as in Omnifocus 2 for me. ”Embed the file in the document” is the default choice, which makes the picture displayed inline. The other choice ”Create a link to the file” does what it says and what you (and usually me) like. You may have to click on the button Options to see the choices.

That works fine when using the “Attach File” menu command, but drag & drop is always displaying inline.

Aha. Maybe a suggestion to the Omni Support then?

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If you drag and drop into the note section in the inspector it will add it as a link

It’s actually not letting me drag and drop into the note section of the inspector at all.

It is a bit quirky, it appears that you need to activate the note section box first. Try clicking in the note section first so you get a flashing curser. Then you should be able to drag and drop the file and get the link. This is what works for me.

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This has been an issue in of2 as well. Its a bit tricky and it appears like a bug to me.

Activating the note section first works.

I never had any issue with OF2. I just upgraded to OF3 last week, but it coincided with getting a new MBP running Mojave — maybe that is a factor?

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