OF3 - Custom Perspective with tags (question and feature request)

In OF2 I created custom perspectives based on a text search, for example I’d use the text “#2018-Q2” in a Project note for a project I wanted to complete in our 2nd quarter. The custom perspective allows me to view the Projects with this text, and displays all tasks within those projects (only the project contains the #2018-Q2 text).

Using text searches feels “hacky,” and I thought I would be able to use tags in OF3 to accomplish the same result.

Unfortunately I’m finding that when I create a custom perspective based on the tag “#2018-Q2”, all I see are the projects, not their tasks. It seems these tags are needed at both the Project and Task level…but this doesn’t really fit with the intent of the tag, as tasks might have to be completed before that quarter (and using the tag to associate the task with the project is redundant…the task is already assigned to the Project and thus should be displayed).

It would be great if there was an option of showing all tasks associated with projects in custom perspectives based on tags in OF3. Or maybe there already is and I’m going about this wrong?