OF3 for Mac - Missing Stats

Can somoene from the OmniGroup team explain why the stats bar (at the bottom of a view) has gone away in OmniFocus 3? This was a big part of my workflow in seeing how much I had on my plate. Was also part of my Weekly Review.

19 AM - Nov 18, 2017

Crap… I think I found it!

57 AM | Sep 8, 2018

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Would be great if it included the folders (like before).

It does include folders, but only if you have “Show folders in the outline” checked in the View Options.


Thanks, that only seems to be for Projects perspective not any custom?

If your project-based perspective is grouped by folder, it’ll show up as well (the count appears to be derived from whether or not the folder is in the outline itself).

I missed it too…