OF3 iPad Delete Perspective button not in Editor

I created a Perspective that I want to delete on iPad …all the directions say delete in editor but delete isn’t a choice only Downgrade perspective or Upgrade perspective.

Pro version.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Hello Frank! Sorry about the inconvenience.

I just double-checked, and I’m able to delete a perspective on iPad once it’s been saved. (If you haven’t saved a perspective yet, you can “delete” it by hitting Cancel, in the upper-left corner of the editor.)

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You’re also welcome to get in touch with support for more in-depth help.

It could be that a stock perspective like Changed or Completed is being referred to here (or was modified), and those can’t be deleted.



Thanks for the replies I made a second Completed Perspective which might be the issue. Actually thats why I wanted to delete it.

I can send a screenshot later…