OF3 on AW not syncing to OF3 on iPhone after adding actions using Siri on AW

I am having problems with OF3 on Apple Watch synching to OF on my other platforms (iPhone, iPad and MacOS). The action items in OF3 on AW is not the same as the actions items in my iPhone after I add actions using my AW using Siri.

I did some troubleshooting and noticed that when I add actions to Omnifocus on Apple Watch using Siri, it will have problems syncing to iPhone.

  1. I tried using Siri to add an action to OF on AW by saying “Hey Siri add buy shoes to Omnifocus list” or “Hey Siri remind me in Omnifocus to buy shoes.”
  2. AW will give a message “You’ll need to open Omnifocus to complete this request.” with a button “Open OmniFocus”.
  3. When I opened OF on AW, the action “buy shoes” is not there.
  4. I tried again with OF3 opened in AW by saying “Hey Siri Remind me in Omnifocus to buy clothes.”
  5. OF3 on AW doesn’t have the “buy clothes” action.
  6. When I looked at OF on iPhone, the two actions for “buy shoes” and “buy clothes” are added in OF on iPhone instead.
  7. When I go back to OF on AW, these two actions is not synced there.
  8. After that OF on AW doesn’t sync to OF on iPhone anymore.

I hope the above makes sense to you and helps in troubleshooting the problem.

After restarting my Apple Watch, the sync is working… zzzzz

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