OF3 personal and work - security restrictions

Hi all,

I’ve been using and absolutely loving OF3 for years now, using it for both work and home stuff on mac and ipad. Unfortunately though, my new job doesn’t allow work related things to be uploaded to third party servers or personal devices.

I would like to be able to view and edit my personal document on the mac and ipad, and edit the work document on the mac, without sync.

Recently, I’ve just been using OF3 without sync on the work computer for work tasks but this means I can’t see my personal tasks there. I also tried omnifocus web for personal things (ok, but missing the full feature set), using a local document for work tasks and the full synced version for personal things (miss viewing custom perspectives) on the work document.

Are there any other options I haven’t found? I’d really love to have this sorted!

Thanks in advance!

This isn’t quite the solution you’re looking for, but for a time I had a work database on my work Mac, and managed my personal OF while at work on an iPad. You could also do this with a personal laptop at work, but I found the iPad to be a lot less conspicuous.

I’m using OF for work and private life, and have made it work somehow.

Any actionable email I receive in my work inbox will be captured in omnifocus, and sent to an action folder in (work) outlook. (OF shows where it is; Date, folder and from)

Projects are planned in omnifocus with reference to the project folder structure created om my work drive, and files in that structure.

I use tags for colleagues and a “people” perspective to manage them.

So for me the integration more or less happens in my head and is referenced in OF and has worked for me for over 9 years now. I can’t split my life in 2, and neither can I separate my work OF from my private OF… so I keep it aligned as much as possible without compromising my company’s security

OF is private, and only contains references to my work life, but with the system in place at my workplace it works, or I make it work, and hope to continue to do so for many more years.

I did like combing my work projects/tasks with personal stuff but I did have to separate for 6 months when I was working in a medium security area. I made do with an iPad holding my work stuff and leaving it on-site with no syncing while my iPhone carried my personal tasks.

I resisted at first but then I realized that I should be focused on work projects/tasks while at work and didn’t miss my personal tasks. I was just too busy with work stuff to be concerned about personal stuff.

At another high security location, I grew comfortable with a notebook because I wasn’t allowed to bring any devices with wifi or data connection.

This might be a time to adapt to the situation and make do with what is available.

This is exactly the problem that I face… I prefer to have my work OF on my personal device so that I can write down tasks no matter when they occur to me. I keep OF on my phone and iPad (agreed with @michael2 that it’s less conspicuous), but that means I can’t use any of the myriad features that are Mac only. Sadly, with the current state of OmniFocus for the iPad, this really isn’t a viable solution. If Omni ever gets some kind of sharing capability in place, I’ve been thinking that I might use that… or I’ll end up having to write some kind of configurable export-to-taskpaper/import-from-taskpaper combination to do that.

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