OF3 Release on target for end of Q1?


As an owner of Pro and every platform released since V1 for 10 years now, I’ve fallen off the wagon approaching 2 years now due to energy / tagging / re-ordering, and a couple other items that I feel are essential to success - thankfully due in OF3 soon. 2017 got pushed for a Q1 eta, and given how eager - nay, anxious I am to get back on the wagon before even more of the new year has passed, am wondering if OG can tell us how likely a release is in the next couple weeks? If unlikely, I’d certainly be satisfied test flying a somewhat stable beta if possible.

Thank you kindly for the new features and making OF dev a priority. It’s an app that’s essential in ways almost no other app could be…thanks again and best of luck!

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I’m not with Omni, but I think it’s probably pretty unlikely it’ll be released in March.

It sounds like Testflight testing has started, but there are a lot of people in the queue and they’re starting out slowly to iron out any early adopter issues before inviting more. I’d say if you want to test, you should queue up, and you’ll get your chance eventually (which would be before it goes GM). Unclear what else is worth saying.

Pity - 2018 is already a quarter over lol. I have requested test flight but appreciate not being added until alpha bugs are ID’d and squashed. I’ve beta tested for Avid, Apple Adobe and others in the past but am not up for wrestling with basic stability / usability issues! Thank you :)

Not for another 2 weeks, it isn’t.

Quite right but very nearly :) hope springs eternal however.

Patience, so I’m told, is a virtue. Not that I actually believe that. :-)

I’ve been patient for 10 years now. When does patience become something else? lol

10 years? You certainly count as virtuous

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Presumably the Q1 date is coming from this blog post:

Where Ken mentions that the features we had initially planned to ship before the end of the year would be available in the TestFlight that we planned to start in Q1 (and have). I don’t think it was his intention to provide a ship date for 3.0 in that post.