OF3 - reporting?

WIll OF3 have proper reporting capabilities? Perspectives are great but very limited in functionality. Todoist and 2Do (for example) allow flexible reporting - all tasks with a location, all repeating tasks with deferred, etc, etc.

In addition to Perspectives, will OF3 allow for user-defined reports?


+1 on built-in reporting. I need to generate summary reports of projects and actions on a weekly basis. This can be a major time sink trying to wrangle custom perspectives, apple scripts, and CSV exports to get at the needed information.

Yes I agree. Perspectives I find a little narrow in reporting whereas 2do, Todoist and even The Hit List allows you to define queries to search out your info. The queries can even be Boolean in nature making them somewhat SQL like. I find this very helpful for narrowing my range of what I am looking at.

+1 ont his demand

+1 on this request