OF3: Thank you Ken and the OmniGroup crew!

While this forum is usually a place to ask questions or resolve problems, I’d like to publicly send a giant size THANK YOU to Ken and the OmniGroup crew for completing the OmniFocus 3 duology (macOS & iOS).

Having been a user since the earliest days, I’ve watched OF improve tremendously over the years. OF3 is a quantum step in usability and flexibility. Certain features, like being able to include selected Tags in Forecast, so as to not have to create fake due-dates are incredibly welcome, especially for anyone using OF to implement a strict GTD workflow.

Thank you again and looking forward to what the future may bring.


I want to chime in with my thanks as well. I haven’t been an OmniFocus for very long, and already thought that OmniFocus was amazing (and, coming from Org-mode, I had pretty high standards), but OF3 really knocks it out of the park.

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Here, Here! (org-mode user too)

Really appreciate you guys coming out of the gate with applescript support of the multiple tag feature. I use a lot of applescript in my workflows & have waited a long time for multiple tags…it was worth it.

Also, the pressure to switch to a subscription service must be intense, thank you for staying with the traditional upgrade/new release cycle. I doubt it’s any cheaper for me as a user, but I appreciate having the option to not upgrade.

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As a Kinkless GTD convert and an OmniFocus user since the alpha test of OF 1, I agree. I was skeptical about multiple tags, but they’re winning me over, and the ability to include a tag in Forecast is very helpful. Well done!