OF4 iPadOS automation keyboard not triggering


Before I submit a potential bug report I wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing the same issue on OF4 for iPadOS with Omni Automation.

I have an automation configured which should trigger with the keystroke OPTION+CMD+J.

The automation works fine through the Share sheet and I can see the correct keystrokes configured in the Settings panel. It just doesnt do anything when I press the keystrokes.

Anyone else seeing the same … or something I may not have configured correctly perhaps? (and, yes, I know it’s Testflight, etc…etc.) Just checking I have not overlooked something.

Greetings! Forgive the obvious question: is a single task or project selected before pressing the key combination?

Hi. Yes, it is. It works fine on Mac and also via Share Sheet on iPad.

OK, thanks. Seems like a bug. Please report to the team!

Thanks Sal.

I just tested the same steps on OF3 on the same iPad, and that works fine.

I’ve logged with Omni Group.