OF4 - performance issue makes it unusable for me


Apart from the fact that I don’t think it’s clever design-wise that projects and tasks are now packed together in an almost infinitely long list, I’m faced with the problem that the performance is simply lousy.
I own the new Iphone max and have enough power, but it still takes 10 seconds to switch between views. When scrolling, I notice that the Iphone gets heavier and heavier and stutters.


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I recommend contacting Omni Support if you haven’t already. I run OmniFocus 4 on both an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max and haven’t run into any performance issues.


I’m not clear on what this means but it sounds like something that can be solved with the right perspectives.

Also, I agree that the app doesn’t feel fast or smooth but what you’re describing sounds like a problem for support to address. I’ve not experienced anything that bad.

May I ask how many projects and items your database has? I am running around 100 projects with over 2000 tasks (of course most of them not available).
@hinky I mean that the default project view has no sub menu anymore but all put together in one collapsible / expandable list.

I have an iPad Pro (2018) and an iPhone 14 Pro. Neither exhibits any slowness at all. OF is always responsive, both in OF 3 and now in OF 4

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We were having trouble reproducing the performance issues that some people are seeing, but finally found a reliable way to reproduce it today and are testing a fix now.

All of the time was being spent in SwiftUI, not our code, which made it especially tricky to track down since there wasn’t anything we could add to our code to try to figure this out. It turned out to be the result of a rounding error, so it was very dependent on the screen size, screen content, system font, and scroll position. Thanks to someone sending in an anonymized copy of their database and the steps that were reproducing it for them, we figured out that we could reproduce it with that database when we set the app’s text size to be slightly larger than the default.

So we tracked down the problematic comparison, made sure it didn’t care about positioning differences within 1/100th of a point (which was causing it to render and re-render the same content over and over again for people who were affected), and this fix will be in the next update.

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback to help us track this down!

P.S. — We tracked down a specific issue, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more lurking out there that only crop up under certain circumstances. If you’re still seeing performance issues after our next update, please be sure to report them to us!


Looking forward to this update! The slow performance has been my biggest frustration with OF4. Having used OF since version 1, it is such a critical part of everything I do that I use it every hour of every day, so any slowdowns are very noticeable.

Big thanks to Ken & the Omni team for hunting this down!

Ditto on the kudos and thanks for tracking this down! Performance (the lack there of) of OF4 is also my biggest issue. And I run with slightly different fonts from the default and have 1,000’s of tasks. Looking forward to the update.

p.s. I tried OF 4.0.4 but it is just about the same. The issue is that I have a single project that has 371 tasks (think a project journal). It gets a new entry about once a week. On MacOS it is fine. On an iPhone12 OF4 is borderline unusable. The same project in OF3 is fine - there is no observable performance hit for the number of tasks in a project. Changing the font to the default size and restarting the app does not improve things. Probably the most significant UX hit is using the elevator bar - trying to scroll through 300+ tasks with the elevator bar in OF4 more or less does not work. Opening and closing the inspector on one task out of 371 takes a long time.

(FWIIW I tried not showing tags in the above two UX tests - 1) elevator bar and 2) opening/closing the inspector - and that did not seem to improve it.)

Can OF support create a db test case with a project with 400 tasks that contain a few paragraphs of text each, and include the above two UX tests? Thanks!