OF4 TestFlight - Hide Notes in Task View?

Hi all, wondering if there’s an option I’m missing on how to hide the details of the task notes a perspective view? On OF3 the notes were hidden by default, but you could see the notes icon highlighted if a task had notes. That created a much cleaner view of tasks. Am I missing something, or just transitive behaviour in OF4 TestFlight?

Somewhere in the depths of the Omni Slack channel, Ken Case did mention that it’s still a work in progress. There will be an option to have notes always show, show the first two lines, or show the complete notes.

Thanks! Didn’t think to look in slack as I’ve given up on slack search for finding old info… I’ll patiently await.

Yes. Slack is more immediate and conversations flow fast and can disappear in the timeline. Discourse is easier to search because the conversations are broken up into different posts.

Slack serves information in different ways. I prefer Discourse but others like the immediacy of Slack.

I said that I know it’s not a beta. I read where Ken said it’s like a lasagna and better with people tasting ingredients. That’s why I felt it was important to mention that they don’t taste like the quality ingredients we are used to.

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