OG 6 to 7 do you think its worth it?

I have mixed feelings about OG in general and more so for the 6 to 7 upgrade (I have version 6pro at the moment). I might use the SVG functionality from time to time. OG6 already has an endless canvas. The lines to shape, art boards, and text functions are just way better supported in other software for graphic intense stuff. For the price of the upgrade we can purchase an entirely new license for software that is way more capable for graphics.

So for whomever upgraded to 7, was it worth it? What is/was your most pleasant surprise?

I find that I am reaching more for Sketch when I need to get something done, at the moment, so I haven’t yet upgraded from OG6 Pro, but if a JavaScript interface with JS-based object actions is achieved for OG7 and the iOS mini-me version, that will be appealing, and I will certainly upgrade them both.

(Hitherto, I found that I simply made no use of the iOS version at all, but cross-platform JS would change that)

PS I don’t know what the macOS vs iOS revenue split for OG looks like at the moment, but I hope twin-platform proves sustainable – it must be very expensive, and it was a little discouraging to see that Panic is discontinuing an excellent piece of iOS software, citing their experience that: 'there’s not a lot of overlap right now between “pro” and “iOS”

( and that, of course, is against a background of iPad sales continuing to decline since their peak in 2014 )