OM3 Nearby Tag alert not working

Hi everyone

It does not seem to work my Nearby Tags alert at all. I think I have all options set correctly but it seems I am missing something. Can someone let me know if it actually works and if yes to share all appropriate settings.

Thank you!

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Check the location-based alerts setting in iOS settings as well.

Isn’t nearby depricated in OF 3?

Nope, it’s still there! The map was taken out, though, so perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of (replaced with a list).

In the screenshot above, the location area is set to small and “when leaving”, so you’d just need to make sure that your iOS settings allow location alerts, that OF has access to your location data, and that you are in and then leaving the geo-fence to trigger the alert in question.


I think you’re right, it might be the map.
I double checked, it seems mine still show up in the perspective, will see whether they alert me when I leave