Omni Automation "Task Date Controls" plug-in failing

That was it. So it can change existing defer and due dates, but it can’t assign them if the fields are blank?

That’s right.

Well, it is not immediately clear what should happen when adding, let’s say, 1 day to an undefined date. Do you have a personal preference ? I could look into it.

Thanks for the quick response. I was thinking if there was no date, +1 day would make it tomorrow. +1 week a week from today. “Today” would set 5pm today. (as I said, even though it’s not grayed out on my system, it doesn’t turn a blank field into 5pm today.

Thus, if the field was blank, it would count from today’s date.

So that way, the plug-in could be used to set dates with keystrokes (or Stream Deck) as you’re processing the inbox. Seems that would double its usefulness!

Have a great rest of your day. We had snow on the ground (briefly) here in northern Colorado!


Thank you for catching the bug ! Just fixed in the repository.

I will look into it.

Hope you are very well, there ! Thank you.

I completely rewrote the plug-in to accomplish that goal. Could you test the option +1 day and tell me if it works for you ?

You’re getting there! Defer +1 day (and also 1 week, 1 month, today and tomorrow) works great on tasks with an empty Defer field. The weekend options are grayed out until something’s in the field.

It gives this error when I ask it to defer a project (instead of a task):



Thank you for catching that bug !

Just pushed an update. Does it work, now ?

I will default to today when doing the calculations in the next update.

I’ve just pushed an update. Those options are active even when the field is empty. Additionally, it takes into account your default time for defer dates setting.

Works great! Will you be giving Due Date the same functionality?

If you want to really complete the package, what about a “clear defer and/or due date”? Seems that would be pretty easy, compared to all the date calculations.

You’re very talented…


I appreciate your kind comments.

Sure, will look into it tommorow.

Based on your request, just published this:


I clicked your PayPal link to buy you a cup of coffee, and it went to a screen where I chose to pay by credit card. After entering the card info, I clicked the “Donate Now” button at the bottom and it demanded I Create a PayPal account," wanting me to create and confirm a password.

I already have a PayPal account and don’t want another, and I couldn’t find anywhere to login. Do you know how this works? I thought it I were paying with my credit card, and not with PayPal, it wouldn’t care if I had an account or not…


You’re very kind, @rbanks88 ! There are two buttons: “Donate with PayPal” and “Donate with Credit Card”. If you click the first one, you can login with your PayPal account. Doesn’t that match what you are seeing ?

By the way, I am going to add this to the repository.

I’m selecting “Donate with a debit or credit card,” which goes to a screen where I can enter my Visa debit card info, but it still demands I enter and confirm a new password to set up yet another PayPal account, which, of course, I don’t want to do:


I appreciate you trying this. If I understand correctly, using the credit card without logging in with a PayPal account should be possible. I will ask PayPal via chat.

I really appreciate you raising this issue. I’ve sent a note to PayPal to ask for more information. Would be good to clarify this problem now, so it doesn’t create confusion in the future :-)

Oh…I checked…if you want to use credit card instead of PayPal account balance, it’s still the first option: “Donate With PayPal”. Then, you are offered to use your credit/debit card (among other options), I think. Does that match what you are seeing ?