Omni Automation "Task Date Controls" plug-in failing

I’m selecting “Donate with a debit or credit card,” which goes to a screen where I can enter my Visa debit card info, but it still demands I enter and confirm a new password to set up yet another PayPal account, which, of course, I don’t want to do:


I appreciate you trying this. If I understand correctly, using the credit card without logging in with a PayPal account should be possible. I will ask PayPal via chat.

I really appreciate you raising this issue. I’ve sent a note to PayPal to ask for more information. Would be good to clarify this problem now, so it doesn’t create confusion in the future :-)

Oh…I checked…if you want to use credit card instead of PayPal account balance, it’s still the first option: “Donate With PayPal”. Then, you are offered to use your credit/debit card (among other options), I think. Does that match what you are seeing ?