Omni Sync Repository--how to start over?

I have a project saved to a Omni Sync Repository.

Somehow the Mac and iPad version got a little messed up–they sync, but the numbering in out of wack.

I would like to start over, by taking a version on my Mac and stripping out a bunch of old stuff.

When I make a copy of the database, I get that confusing “This document’s identifier has changed…” warning.

What is the best way to start over by using the existing file on the Mac?


@7eWNWQQD Sorry for the trouble! More information about the error you’re encountering is available here:

It sounds like selecting “This is a New Document” is the right choice for you - this will disconnect the copy of the project you’re working with from the copy on the server.

If you have further questions about this, our Support team would be happy to help out! They can be reached by email at or by phone Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm Pacific at 1 (800) 315-6664 or 1 (206) 523-4152.

Hi Ains,

Thanks for the info.

After I create the new copy, would I do the following?

1–Delete the Project Name on the Repository

2–Publish to the same Repository


Yes, that’s what I would do! Deleting the original project from the repository isn’t a necessary step in this process, but I think that would be helpful in avoiding accidentally open the wrong copy from the server in the future.

Ok, that seemed to work so far.

Things to consider:

  1. The name of the new project in the repository is from inside the file (not the file name). Look for it over in the Project info panel at right.

If you don’t change this, there will be two projects in the repository with the same name (old and new) and no good way to tell which is which!

  1. I believe all projects within a repository can (if set) contribute to resource loading. If you subscribe with both the new and old, you’ll mysteriously have twice as many demands on each resource.

I guess you get around this by deleting the old project in the repository. I couldn’t find a way to turn off load contribution/subscription from in Accounts, maybe you have to open the file itself.