Omnifocus 1 & 2 on IOS

I have an iPad running the old version (can’t be upgraded due to doesn’t support iOS11) and an iPhone using OmniFocus2 (I don’t have a Mac).

Can I integrate these in anyway or are the completely separate Apps now?

Thanks in advance.

If you are an existing user of OmniFocus 1, you can connect OmniFocus 2 to your existing OF1 database and continue syncing between these two versions of the app. More information about this and configuration instructions are available on our knowledge base here: OmniFocus 2 backwards compatibility

From your description, it sounds like the section “I’m an existing OmniFocus 1 user, and wish to upgrade to OmniFocus 2 on some of my devices” would apply to your current working scenario. As long as you continue to sync with OmniFocus 1 for iPad, you’ll want to regularly sync your devices, and if you ever see a prompt on your iPhone to “migrate your database,” you’ll need to decline this prompt in order to continue syncing with OmniFocus 1. (The app will only offer to migrate you to the new format if it notices you haven’t synced with OmniFocus 1 in a while, so syncing regularly should avoid this prompt from appearing.)

If you wish to continue using OmniFocus 1 for iPad, please note that the latest iOS 11 upgrade introduces underlying operating system changes that make that version of the app no longer operable. So if you do upgrade your iPad down the road, you’ll want to install a newer version of OmniFocus at the same time.

You’re welcome to continue using OmniFocus 1 on that iPad with the current version of OmniFocus 2 for iOS, though I’m afraid we aren’t able to guarantee that OmniFocus 1 will be able to sync with future major versions of OmniFocus further down the road.

I hope this helps!