OmniFocus 1.x for iOS and iOS 8

Thanks Ken, nice to see some progress on the UI situation.

So questions:

Does OF1 for the iPad/iPhone work on iOS 8?

If not, will OF2 for the iPad/iPhone still sync with OF1 for the Mac?

Any ETA on the other UI issues and OF1 regressions (fonts, columns, functional compact layout, estimated time field) that have been brought up in all of the numerous threads?

[quote=“mallard, post:1, topic:6842”]
Does OF1 for the iPad/iPhone work on iOS 8?[/quote]

I don’t know of any issues with using OmniFocus 1 on iOS 8 (and I have used the iPad app on it), but our iOS 8 testing has been focused on OmniFocus 2.

If not, will OF2 for the iPad/iPhone still sync with OF1 for the Mac?

For the initial 2.0 release, I think everything will still sync with OmniFocus 1. But that won’t be the case for long: there are a lot of customers who have been waiting for us to make changes to the data format (enabling support for more types of task metadata, etc.), which I’ve told them we would finally be free to do once OmniFocus 2 was available on all platforms.

Any ETA on the other UI issues and OF1 regressions (fonts, columns, functional compact layout, estimated time field) that have been brought up in all of the numerous threads?

Let’s take your list of regressions individually:

  • This week’s release of Version 2.0.2 adds low-level support for customizing fonts in Pro. There isn’t a friendly interface for doing this yet, and it’s not really supported as a user feature since it can trigger layout issues when font metrics don’t match up with the original design. But for those who really need to be able to switch fonts, it’s now possible.

  • I’m not really sure what you’re looking for with respect to columns. Is this primarily about the estimated time field?

  • We certainly do want to offer a supported, vertically-compact layout. But as noted in the other thread, right now the team is working hard to finish OmniFocus 2 for iPad before iOS 8 ships this fall. Once that’s ready, our attention will turn back towards the Mac for this fall’s Yosemite update.

  • OmniFocus 2 for iPad adds support for the estimated time field, and we’re looking forward to adding that support to the iPhone app and making it easier to scan estimated times on the Mac.

Thanks Ken, I’ll hope OF1 keeps working on all the platforms until the UI problems are solved. I’m disappointed that OF2 for OSX will be left in a half-finished state while you guys work on the iPad version, I’d rather have something usable on my primary platform first.

From the earlier post it looked like it was just colors, but if fonts can be altered too that’ll be helpful - I didn’t dig into the details before responding - apologies.

Columns can’t be resized - that makes it impossible (for example) to see the full context hierarchy like you could in OF1. Without column headers, the repeated ‘defer until’ text also makes it very difficult to scan quickly down the list - the dates and text run together. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to click and resize the columns during my failed attempt to migrate to OF2. I’d note that resizable columns solves the font changing issues too.

The unable-to-work-around thing that prevents me even attempting to battle through the other UI problems is the non-functional flag/checkbox in the compact layout (the spacebar isn’t a substitute). In that layout the flag needs to be separate from the checkbox, and the both it and the box need to be larger, and functional.

I picked up estimated time from other threads - don’t know the full details on what’s being asked. Same thing with the missing tool bar icon and lack of ability to drag/drop between the inbox and projects, and a number of other things in the forum - just trying to give a bunch of examples, beyond my own punch list. I think everyone would like to know, for each thing, if 1) it’s scheduled for a release, 2) it’s under consideration for a release, or 3) it’s not going to be done anytime soon, or 4) it’s not going to be done. #3 and #4 are particularly important if either of the OS upgrades break OF1, as it’ll be a forcing event (upgrade to OF2 in whatever shape it’s in or switch to an alternative). We see a lot of ‘tracking’ statements - but that doesn’t give any useful information.

P.S. BTW - the constant moving/splitting/merging of threads is really annoying and makes it very hard to keep the conversations in context. Can you have the staff chill a bit? This conversation has one small item about OF1 and iOS8 but is primarily about the UI issues in OF2 and should have stayed in that thread.

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Which shouldn’t have been moved, as the primary focus of that post was about OF2 For OSX UI regressions, fixes, and timelines.

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Really disappointed that OF1 will no longer be supported and won’t sync w/iOS. Not being able to see inbox and projects in the same list without workarounds is a deal breaker for me for OF2.

Is there a list of regressions (OF1 features that are not in OF2) to be addressed before breaking the backward sync compatibility?