OmniFocus 2.8 Test Builds featuring Global Search are now available

We just put out Test Builds of OmniFocus 2.8 that include a feature that folks have been requesting for a while. We’re definitely interested in hearing how our implementation of global search matches your expectations, so feel free to reply here or email with feedback. Full release notes:

  • Global Search — You can now change the search scope from “Here” to “Remaining” or “Everything” by clicking the icon in the search field.
  • Scroll Position — The change in v2.7 to keep the selected item visible when changing a date proved unpopular in Forecast, so we have reverted it for that perspective. If you’d like to change the global default back to the pre-2.7 behavior, you can use this link: omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentOutlinePreservesVisibleSelection=false.
  • View Options — The View Options “eye” icon now displays differently when options have been set that are not the default. In addition, the Perspective’s tab title is italicized to indicate that clicking the tab will restore the default view.
  • Sierra Tabs — We’ve updated and fixed various behaviors related to tabbed windows in macOS Sierra.
  • Attachments Window — Added an Export button that copies the selected attachments to the directory of your choice.
  • Attachment Performance — Improved performance when rebuilding attachment-heavy databases and when opening the attachments window.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Including crash fixes. Thanks for all of your feedback!

Global Search!



Is it possible to run 2.7.x on one machine and 2.8.y on another machine? I have an old iMac that won’t accept OS X 10.11.

Thank you in advance.

You shouldn’t have any trouble running the old version in parallel as there haven’t been changes to the OmniFocus database format.

In November 15, 2016 update, still no mention of theme corruption issue I reported back on Nov 8 (email “update to 2.8 broke my larger fonts” to–and still got no any reply.

I think that if you turn on the encryption portion it will not work. But I am not 100% sure of that.

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That is true! Thanks for mentioning it, yury.

The final release notes mention nothing about a fix for 2.8 breaking custom themes (see my email to support “update to 2.8 broke my larger fonts”). If that means that Omni decided it’s not worth fixing in this release, could anyone detail that triage decision?

2.8 has new required keys for theme files, which is unavoidable. To get your custom theme working again you just need to add those keys, which are listed in the error message you encounter when trying to load the theme in 2.8.

And finally: global search finally officially released in Omnifocus 2.8! It’s been a long time, and it’s a relief to have it here. It’s very well implemented!

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Global Search is here!!!

Thanks Omnigroup. My life just got a bit easier!

I would push back on that a bit. OFITextStyleCustomizedSidebarTabTitle could defaulted to using the OFITextStyleSidebarTabTitle key if it didn’t exist. Missing italics is better than breaking every pre-existing font theme.

In the future it would be good if OF handled missing/unrecognized keys in themes a little more gracefully. The whole setup feels fragile right now.


So on my Sierra system I got an update notification for 2.8.3 test. On the older systems (work systems), which run 10.11 I did not get the update notification. Is 2.8.3 only for 10.12?

Hmm, I’m not sure why that would be. (Perhaps firewall issues blocking a secure connection to our update server?) OmniFocus 2.8.3 runs on both 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 (Sierra).

Tried downloading the latest updates and it won’t work on 10.11.6. Says it needs 10.12 or later :(

Guess I’m done with OF updates for now then on my trusty old 8-core Mac Pro, which is still going strong as a daily office machine, but alas no updates past El Cap on that one…