Omnifocus 2 and clipping from mail

I am completely confused about clipping emails to Omnifocus 2. In the original Omnifocus, I simply selected an email, selected the Ominfocus service, and hey presto! It appears in OF.

In the new OF, not only is the service gone completely, but none of my services appear in mail. It looks as though OF has removed them.

I’ve tried the recommended way in Help, I’ve tried reinstalling Clip-o-Tron from OF1, and the services all reappear including OF2. If OF2 is open at the time, then it works. If OF2 is not open, two instances of OF2 appear, which causes an exception and Mail gets stuck until I force quit everything.

Can’t you either include Clip-o-Tron or post a detailed way to make it all work as it was in the old OF?

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We’re working on something right now for this! Stay tuned.


If OF2 isn’t open when you initiator the clip, there’s a known issue which appears to be related to OSX sandboxing/security, and causes the symptoms you described (I’ve previously reported this as abut, and Omni are looking at solutions).

If OF2 is open when you clip everything works OK

I figured out something of a work around. not as good as clipotron, but should be reliable.

It involves using Better Touch Tool (which is free, and a great app in its own right).

I created a shortcut (which was the keystroke I used to use for Clipotron, cmd/option o) which:

Choose keyboard shortcuts (on the top menu)
Limit them to “application” then choose mail.

  1. On bottom enter the keystroke you want to use
  2. On right side, enter 1st step which is types shortcut for forward (shift command up)
  3. choose “attach additional action” and in search bar look for the word “delay” (I can’t remember which menu it is in) and pause for 1 second (which I had to test to figure out, no delay, no work as to length YMMV).
  4. attach additional action
  5. Select “paste text” option (again, I can’t recall menu so search for it) enter your OF mail drop account
  6. Attach additional action (again)
  7. enter shortcut for send. Which can be found in mail bar and should be Shift command d.

Note other than the fact that the shortcuts might be different, conceptually this will work in ANY email reader outlook etc.

Obviously not as good as clip since I cant enter project/context data etc, but still better then manually going through the process.

I tried to attach a screen shot, but as a new user it wouldn’t let me. But it is VERY easy. I mean I can’t right an apple script, and the longest part of this was realizing I needed a pause.
Where I also prefer Clip O Tron, at least this should work when Apple changes mail, since i think the keyboard shortcuts should remain the same.