OmniFocus 2 & BusyCal calendar subscription

maybe a beginner’s question: trying to show task due dates in BusyCal 2.5.4.

After installing OF2 it does not login to “{username}/OmniFocus-Reminders.ics” anymore in BusyCal.

If I try the same in the it works without any problem. Is this a bug or a user (being me) issue? Anybody else with that problem or a solution?

Thanks Timo

definitely a beginner’s issue:

“https://…” not working, but “http://…” is. My “heart is bleeding” having to use an insecure connection…

I can’t figure out how did you do this. Can you give me some hint? I don’t know where to start and googling doesn’t help.

You can learn about this by choosing “OmniFocus Help” from the Help menu, then navigate to the Preferences page and look for the Notifications section of that page where you’ll find an item with the title “Publish due items as calendar”.

(If you’re not at your Mac, you can also just follow the above link to the notifications section since all of our documentation is also available on our website.)

Thanks I figured. It was hard to find the address for subscription though

Oh! You shouldn’t have to hunt around for an address…

After you turn on the feature and sync once (so that the calendar gets published—which happens whenever you sync), you should be able to press the Subscribe button.

Well, I did this:

And then typed the address ([LOGIN]/OmniFocus-Reminders.ics) my login and my password.

What do you mean by that my calendar is published.

This option is useless…