OmniFocus 2 dark themes - automatic clear style after paste

Hi All,

I am running OF2 on Mojave dark and just realised this stunning simple fact: if you paste a dark style on OF dark, it’s dark on dark. this is a general problem about styles, not just dark though.
Is there a way to make “clear style” command automatic when pasting?

something like “when OF is frontmost active instance and keystroke is CMD+V, do ^+CMD+tab on the pasted text


Hey there @silvanoricci! We know that pasting rich text into any application can conflict with its background, so the Edit menu also includes a variant of Paste called Paste and Match Style. I believe its default keyboard command is option-shift-command-V. This lets you paste just the textual content of your clipboard, without preserving all the rich text styles that may be there. Hope that helps!